Multipurpose Quick Release Type Branch Set

          This branch was designed to allow quick exchange between different firefighting tools like: traditional spinning teeth branch, misting nozzle, piercing lance and chimney lance. It’s quick and very easy to change between the tools

Unique properties of Mist-Tech Heads:

1.     Perfectly selected droplet size, which is not too large to not be able to evaporate and be wasted on flooding, and at the same time not too small to evaporate too far from the fire source without having any effect on it

2.     The density of a mist stream containing a huge number of individual droplets, each of which actively participates in the extinguishing process

3.     Thanks to the technology used, low kinetic energy of the stream was achieved while maintaining its long throw. This allows to extinguish liquid fuel fires, including edible oils. Low kinetic energy does not supply additional air to the fire source and does not blow it out.

A405 - QR Branch Body

Allows to connect all Mist-Tech attachments

A711 - QR Turbo-Jet Head

Traditional jet to spray branch nozzle with adjustable flow and stream pattern settings  

(50-100-150-230 L/min @ 7bar    or    19-37-90-150 L/min  @ 7bar)

A103 - QR Mist Lance Head

Available with 25L/min, 50L/min or 90L/min nozzle head. Multipurpose lance with wide and dense stream of mist. Small diameter (only 18mm) allows it to be placed through small openings to fight the fires from outside.

o   gas cooling in compartment fires

o   cars fires

o   grass, field and forestry fires

o   with usage of lance extension, it’s very useful in pit fires

o   bin, rubbish and skip fires

o   attic fires

o   sandwich panels

o   hidden fires

B305 - Chimney Lance Head

Available with 5L/min or 50L/min. Makes chimney fires extinguishing easier, faster, cleaner. Water mist introduced in chimney channel fully evaporates before touching the walls exchange in to huge quantities of steam which take the temperature out and remove oxygen from the chimney what allows very quick extinguishing.

A406 - Głowica Mgłowo-Strumieniowa

Available with 50L/min or 90L/min mist head. Simple in use as it has only two settings: mist or jet. With fully defined stream of mist (flow, shape, droplet size etc.). General purpose nozzle.