How does Water Mist work??

All three elements are required for a fire to start. To extinguish a fire, it’s enough to remove of one of its three components.

Proper balance between droplet size, stream density, water quantity and kinetic energy allows to remove two components in the same time, which is heat – by rapid cooling and oxygen - by evaporation and steam generation making local inert atmosphere. 

That’s why our mist is so quick and effective in extinguishing the fires.

Features and benefits of Mist-Tech branches and lances :

  • High efficiency using minimum amounts of water/foam
  • Suitable for: A, B, C, E and F class fires
  • Reduced consequential water damage
  • Mist is produced by the design and technology of the branch, not by forcing high pressure water through a very small hole
  • Traditional style branch in its appearance and feel 
  • Operating pressure remains at a safe level 
  • There is a minimum of entrained air in the fluid stream, because of reduced velocity, resulting in reduced risk of spreading burning debris 
  • Consistent water droplet size 
  • Low recoil/reaction force at the branch
  • Quick knock-down effect on flammable liquids 
  • Control of burning gases by rapid cooling 
  • Less blocking